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Greenwich Dental Group - David A. Zadik DDS, Steven Altman DMD and Associates

Endodontic Procedures

Root Canal Therapy

Saving a diseased or traumatized tooth sometimes involves removal of the nerve tissue, blood vessels from the pulp chamber of the infected tooth. Root Canal Therapy may take more than a single visit to complete. Once the chamber is free of infection, the canal are filled with an inert material and sealed. With no blood supply or nerves to the tooth, a crown must be fitted within a few months to avoid further damage.

Sedation Dentistry

Our Team also understands the special needs a fearful patient has when coming to the dentist. Extra TLC and time is always available for those with a real fear of the dentist. Ask us about Sedation Dentistry.

  • Sedation Dentistry for our fearful patients

Meet our doctors

Patients have been charmed by Dr. David Zadik, Dr. Stephanie Hotchkiss, Dr. Steven Altman and their friendly Greenwich staff for over a decade. Naturally. Our practice reflects a vision which fuses a full spectrum of high-tech services and quality care in a comfortable, harmonious environment.

We invite you to experience the difference.

Greenwich Dentists Dr. David A Zadik, Dr. Stephanie Hotchkiss, Dr. Steven Altman