Stained, Worn Teeth

Stained Teeth
Stained Teeth

Patient: 39 Year old Female
Complaint: Yellow Teeth, Stained teeth, Worn teeth
Diagnosis: Incisal wear due to grinding, Spacing restored with composite material.
Treatment: Digital imaging to aid planning and prediction of results. Restoration of decayed and supporting tooth structures. Tooth Whitening (bleaching) Gingival recontouring to create proper tooth length to width ratio. IPS Empress Porcelain laminates to properly close spaces and create proper contours.
Timeline: Restoration of decay with tooth colored composite fillings Porcelain Lava crowns restoring posterior tooth IPS Empress veneers 3 weeks (patient left office with temporary teeth close to the color and shape of final) protective night guard
Total Time: 8 months

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