Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry—the diagnosis and repair of fractured, infected, or otherwise damaged teeth, gums, and tissue—is central to the health of your smile and is the foundation of all our services at Greenwich Dental Group. Our dentists serve as the primary care provider for you, managing your oral health care needs and coordinating treatment with specialists when necessary. Our restorative services range from preventative care to the replacement of missing teeth, and our dentists will always inform and work in close collaboration with you to achieve the optimal health of your smile.

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A dentist office that feels like a high end Spa. That’s the best way to describe Zadik’s office. Not sure how the entire staff is always so nice but they are all so pleasant. Really makes going to the dentist a joy instead of something to avoid.

Rich Del Mazzio Avatar
Rich Del Mazzio

The staff is extremely nice and welcoming. When I was getting my teeth cleaned they used a toothpaste and fluoride which tasted amazing. When I asked about the fluoride and toothpaste they said they had tested multiple brands and chosen the one which patients responded most positively too which I greatly appreciated. When setting up your next appointment they are very competent and efficient. Overall a very positive experience.

Liam Piper Avatar
Liam Piper

Great experience. Super friendly staff. High end technology to inform your dental needs. Very impressed with my initial consultation.

Megan Tiley Avatar
Megan Tiley

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