Case Study – Replacement of Old Silver Fillings (amalgams)


While the research is still inconclusive as to whether silver/mercury amalgams are harmful to your health (via mercury leeching, we often find the problems of cracks around and cavities under amalgams more of an immediate problem to take care of).

Old silver fillings are a factor in teeth cracking, a common occurrence in people in their 40’s and 50’s. Silver fillings do not strengthen teeth at all but transfer biting forces to the surrounding tooth structure, commonly resulting in cracks and chips. Forces on molar teeth can be up to eight times the forces on the incisor teeth, resulting in damage to the tooth structure. Larger fillings also contributed to the damage. This is just such a case.

Two upper molar teeth with old silver fillings, cracks, and cavities required immediate attention. Dr. Altman saved these teeth by doing 2 all porcelain crowns. Our patient was thrilled with the results and grateful for not losing these teeth.