same day crowns

The Greenwich Dental Group now offers E4D same day dentistry!

Using E4D Same-day Dentistry technology, Dr. Altman was able to do two same-day crowns. The patient did not have to come back for a second appointment, get a second injection or wear temporary crowns for 2 weeks.

What is E4D Same-day Dentistry technology?

E4D is a new CAD/CAM technology that takes images of your teeth and allows us to design your crown, filling or veneer while you wait.

Does that mean you won’t have to have a temporary?

That’s right. No temporary. You’ll go home with your permanent ceramic restoration the same-day.

How does it work?

Your dentist determines that your dental condition is right for a digital restoration; we take a series of digital images of your teeth while you watch the process chairside. In the past, we’d have to take impressions and send them out to a laboratory, and they’d make your restoration while you had a temporary in place. With this new technology, you’re in and out on the same-day with your permanent restoration seated in place.

How will you know if I can have this same day treatment?

We will perform a thorough examination before recommending any dental treatment. If you’re experiencing any dental problems or want to learn if E4D is right for you, let’s schedule you for an appointment.